We provide professional locksmith services for residential homeowners and commercial businesses.  Uncle Ben is our licensed locksmith with professional experience.  As an expert lock picker, uncle Ben can open any lock as fast as 5 minutes.  He has an extensive collection of lock pick sets to tackle the toughest of locks.  Uncle Ben has previously worked in the construction industry and is knowledgeable in all facets of construction work.  He is a super handy man for small or large home improvement jobs.  Please contact us with any questions regarding lock installation, duplicate keys, or key choices, etc.  We are glad to be of assistance.

Simple Steps Get Better Services


Take a few pictures of the problem with your cellphone or camera.


Show us the pictures, describe the problem, and tell us how we can help you by:
*Sending an email to: Bayardshardware@gmail.com
* Walking to our hardware store at 49 Bayard Street, New York, NY 10013


Call 212-233-2238 to confirm we have received your emails, to get a free quote of the services we can offer, and to make an appointment.

Lockout Service

Our professional locksmith can save you valuable time and money when you encounter a lock out situation.   Our locksmith can make the best professional judgment among the different ways to limit damages to the lock and also prevent possible damages to the door or door frame.

We provide home/apartment/store lockout services and automobile lockout service.  If you lose your keys for your valuable locks, door locks, padlocks or drawer locks, etc., bring your locks to our hardware store and our locksmith can make a new duplicate for you.

Lock Rekeying Service

Rekeying, also called repining, is a method to make a new key to operate an old lock.  The most common way is by replacing the pins in the chambers of the lock.  It can be used in many ways:

  • Make one key to operate several different locks.
  • Custom made key systems for property owners/property managers (control keys/master keys for the property owners/property managers and individual keys for the residential users).
  • Give temporary access to allow repair and maintenance workers to enter the property.
  • Refurnish an old lock for a new property owner.
Lock Installation Service

Whether for regular locks or high security locks, our skillful locksmith can provide efficient lock installation services for our good neighbors.

  • Building Front Door (Machanical/ Electronic)
  • Apartment Door Locks (Motise Lock/ Deadbolt Lock)
  • Commercial & Residential Room Locks (Knob Lock/ Level Lock)
  • Mailbox Locks/ Drawer Locks