Mul-T-Lock was founded in 1973.  It all started with a brilliant invention: the cutting-edge and four-way locking system.  It combines high security with controlled access.

We believe Mul-T-Lock is a creatively designed product.  The large colored plastic key head and thick flat key body distinguish Mul-T-Lock from other key brands and also impress users that this is a special key.  Mul-T-Lock is exceptional, especially for its high security design features.  The thick flat key body allows for drilled holes on both sides with varying depths or diameters.  With different keyways, Mul-T-Lock provides for unlimited key combinations.

Because of its patented key design, Mul-T-Lock offers many convenient keying options to meet any lock owners’ requirements.  With one ‘same’ lock, the lock owners can authorize different key holders to access their properties for different periods. With one ‘same’ key, the key holder can open several different locks at the same time.

The Mul-T-Lock provides enhanced intrusion protection with high resistance to picking, drilling, and bumping attempts.  With the patent key control and various keying options, Mul-T-Lock lets the lock owners enjoy their peace of mind. 

We have selected products in our store as below:

  Selected Products Key Way Finishes
Jimmy Proof + Rim Cylinder 006, 206S Shiny Brass, Nickel Chrome
Single Cylinder Deadbolt w/Thumb Turn 006, 206S Nickel Satin, Shiny Brass
Double Cylinder Deadbolt 006, 206S Nickel Satin, Shiny Brass
Hercular® Deadbolt 006, 206S Nickel Satin, Shiny Brass
Euro Cylinder 006, 206S Shiny Brass
Mortise Cylinder 006, 206S Nickel Satin, Shiny Brass
Rim Cylinder 006, 206S Nickel Satin, Shiny Brass
Rim 35 Cylinder 006, 206S Shiny Brass
Key In Knob (K.I.K.) Cylinder 006, 206S Nickel Satin
C-Series Padlocks 006, 206S Chrome Nickel Bright
Mul-T-Lock Original Key Blanks 006, 206S Classic Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Purple for 006, Navy Blue for 206S