We carry most home use regular and energy save light bulbs and commercial use fluorescents and halogens. Besides light bulbs, we also carry different types of ballast, and some light sets.

Regular Energy Save Commercial Use
Chandelier Bulbs Spiral Bulbs Halogen (GU10 Base/ GX5.3 Base)
Incandecent Globes Compact Flourescent Bulbs (CFL) Halogen (Tubular)
U-Shaped Tub Fluorescents Reflector Bulbs Halogen (Double Ended)
GE Basic Light Bulbs 4-Feet LED Bulbs Spot Light Bulbs
GE 3 Way Light Bulbs   Flourescent Appliance Bulbs
GE Circline Bulbs (D: 8" & 12")   Flourescent Bulbs (Length: 4' & 8')
Flourescent Bulbs(L: 15" to 8')   High Out-Put Flourescent Bulbs (L: 8')
Appliance Bulbs   Flourescent Light Sets
Night Light    
Ceiling Light Sets    
Light Ballasts