Plumbing is a major part of home renovation and construction.  We carry the necessary plumbing supplies for most common plumbing repairs.

General Supplies For the Bathroom Plumbing Related Products
Copper Pipes/Tubings Toilet Flush Lever GE Silicone Sealant
Copper Pipe Fittings Toilet Tank Valve Caulk (Latex/ Acrylic)
Black Pipes Toilet Flapper Foam Expanding Sealant
Black Pipe Fittings Toilet Wax Bowl Ring Waterproof Adhesive Sealer
Valves (Gate/ Check/ Ball) Toilet Bolts Ceramic Tile Adhesive
Water Connectors (Faucet/Toilet) Toilet Plungers Caulk/ Grout Powder
Drains (Kitchen/ Bathroom) Toilet Seats Teflon Tape
Drain Couplings Shower Head Sets Solder/ Soldering Paste
Faucet Sets/ Faucet Parts Shower Hose Pipe Joints Sealer/ Cement
Rings/ Washers Shower Arms Plumber's Putty
Strainers (Sink/ Tub) Bathtub Spout Plumber's Epoxy
Water Stopper (Sink/Tub) Bath Drain Linkage Drain Opener
Water Hose (Transparent/ Gardening/ Washing Machine) Floor & Ceiling Plates Nail Liquid
Wire Brushes Bathroom Exhausting Fan